Custom Wallpaper – Kanyana Wildlife

Custom Designed Wall Paper

If you go down to the woods today… well not the woods more like the hills out in Lesmurdie! You’ll find our latest installation of custom wallpaper. Kanyana Wildlife reserve has been undergoing a transformation of it’s museum, part of which is the installation of this feature wall behind it’s reception area. The funds for which have been generously donated from the likes of companies such as Chevron & lotterywest. The cute little marsupial in the middle is their mascot (the bilby) which volunteers at the animal shelter have been breeding and successfully saving from the brink of extinction since 2002.

Although we didn’t get to design this one we were given the opportunity to install it from our friends at BKay Design who also gave us the previous task of a larger wall paper installation at the Fremantle artillery barracks. The print is on a cast vinyl that has a low tack adhesive which is designed particularly for this type of installation. The print is also laminated to save it from any scratches.

This type of installation is not only for museums, you can have one in your very own home with any type of imagery on it, we can even print onto a textured vinyl to give the feel of brick. Contact us if you would like any further information and remember to make it all klik!